Future Fashion

Hola! I was thinking about some of the current trends, and I thought you might be interested in seeing what I think might be coming up next. So here is what I think is going to be extremely popular this fall...

Fingerless gloves. Cute, warm, stylish, these can be so much fun to work into your outfits! It's also a plus that they are fairly easy to make yourself if you can knit or crochet. 

I have a strong feeling owls are going to be coming back. Which I'm quite happy about actually, as they are adorable! So prepare to see everything coated in owls.

Plaid. Plaid is already working it's way back in but it's not fully a trend yet...well I think it's going to skyrocket! 

Leather. Like plaid, leather is already showing up in places but isn't a full blown trend yet. Leather is chic, sophisticated and looks amazing though so I am completely looking forward to it!

And lastly, I think vests are going to come back. I think vests are fairly cute on the right people, but sadly I look terrible in them so I won't be participating if everyone starts wearing them.

Well, that's what I think is going to be fairly trendy this fall! ttyl