Fashion Wishlist

Hola chicas! So I thought some of you might be interested in seeing some things that are on my fashion wishlist.

This dress is so simple, yet so stunning and chic!

I really want a skater skirt...and this black one is perfect.

I noticed more and more people wearing printed leggings, and I find it cute. I want to get these and a cute tunic to go over them.

I have a bit of a weakness for plaid skirts...which is not necessarily a bad thing!

I love this little purse...so perfect for just carrying around the essentials.

I want to get some hoop earrings. I got my ears pierced in May though so I'm not allowed to wear them until November because they might rip my ear.

SO.DANG.CUTE. I can't even express how much I love these!

I know I said I wasn't a big fan of Toms but these leopard print Tom knockoffs are pretty sick.

This dress is unbelievably stunning. I love the sequin detail, and the flowy skirt.

This is awesome! I gotta admit...this runs through my head a couple times a day.

Would love this. And I'm not usually a fan of wearing clothing that says stuff such as Perfect or Gorgeous but when I saw this I fell instantly in love. 

This is amazing...I love the fact that they combined an anchor and an infinity sign and the word Dream to make that stunning symbol.

I love Bluenotes tank tops. I own several of them, and have gotten lots of compliments while wearing them!

So cute! I'm not a dancer but would still love this.

This is my favorite of everything in this post. It's just so perfect, so me.

And I have a serious scarf obsession, so I have a feeling this might be coming home with me soon.

That's part of my fashion wishlist for you. Hope you enjoyed! Comment below any ideas for posts that you have. ttyl


  1. Awesome! We have super similar styles, though I usually wear blouses, cardigans, and skirts. I also love dresses. I'm not a pants personXD!

    Have a great day!

    1. I tend to wear more pants because I don't have very many skirts or dresses but when I do get them I love to wear them. We should meet up and go shopping sometime! xD

      ~The Fashion Cheetah~