Your Questions Answered!

Hey everyone! It's time for me to answer all your questions from my Q and A!

Let's get started :)

Mama Squirrel (AKA my mom) asked:

Q-Why don't you like meatballs?
A-They are gross and squishy and I don't like the sauce xD

Jordy asked:

Q-If you could visit any place in the US, where would you like to go and what would you like to see there?
A-I'd definitely go to where you live, Jordy, and I'd like to see you :)

Guinea Pig Lover asked:

Q-What is your all time favorite post you have posted?
A-My favorite post I've done is definitely the Finding Your Own Style one. It was so great to write, it really got me thinking.

The Apprentice (AKA my sister) asked:

Q-How do you think having two older sisters has affected your style?
A-I think it's definitely affected it drastically. Ever since I was little I've always felt the "Me too!" feeling about fashion, makeup, everything. I think if I had been an only child I wouldn't be this interested in fashion.
Addy asked:
Q-Have you ever been to Disney world/land?
A-Sadly, I haven't. I would love to go, though! :D
Jessica asked:
Q-How do you get the falling hearts on your blog?
A-Eve did a tutorial on them.

Have you ever done any kind of dancing? 
A-I did a mixed class (ballet, hip-hop, jazz) for a couple years when I was younger, but I barely remember it.

If you haven't, and wanted to, which style would you choose?
A-If I could take dance again I'd want to do hip-hop :)

That's all the questions! Thanks so much to everyone who submitted one! Should I do this again? ttyl

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  1. Aw!
    I would love to visit Canada, just to see you.
    And I believe it was Eve who did the falling hearts tutorial. <3

  2. Well, we are not having meatballs tonight...but we're having meatloaf.

  3. Yay, thanks for answering my questions, Lydia!

  4. Hey Lydia, I nominated you for an award on my blog. Here's a link so you can go and check it out: http://jessicaswholeworld.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/blogger-recognition-award.html

  5. I nominated you for the famous people award at my blog; arebel4everafter.blogspot.com