My Favorite Beauty Products

Hola chicas! How many of you wear makeup? I tend to wear a little sometimes, so I thought I'd show you what I use...these photos are not mine, I found them on Google Images.

This lip gloss is pretty good. I had one by Essence that I liked a lot better, but it leaked and the cap broke. The only problem I have with this one is the glitter goes literally EVERYWHERE!

This eyeshadow palette by NYC is fairly good, the purple is gorgeous, the green is a bit dark but still really pretty. However the light green is really really sheer...you can't even see it when it's on.

I'm horrible at putting eyeliner on, but this one does look really nice when I put it on properly. My only issue with it is that when you try to wash it off it smudges all over, and it takes some work to completely remove.

I literally have no complaints about this mascara. It's really easy to put on, doesn't clump and looks fairly natural. It also washes off nicely!

This Covergirl palette is great if you just want a natural look. They just add a bit of shimmer. 

This is my go-to lip tint if I want a bit of color and gloss. It smells amazing.

I used to use this as a mascara, but now I just use it to set my brows. When I did use it though it was pretty good...didn't do much but it added a bit of definition.

This stuff is awesome! I use it all the time.

I.LOVE.THIS.PALETTE!!! I literally cannot express my love for this. I got it on sale for $10, and it was definitely worth the price. The colors are gorgeous! It's amazing quality.

Sorry...I couldn't find separate pictures. I have the fourth one, and the second one. I have no idea why I bought purple and coral. I don't really wear them...they're way too bright for me, but the quality is amazing.

This mascara is...big. Very big. It literally makes your eyelashes look like paint brushes. In a good way ;) The only complaints I have is that since the brush is curved and huge it's hard to put on, and that it tends to flake off.

I have the waterproof version of this, and it's the best mascara I've ever used. It doesn't come off until you scrub it off with makeup remover. It's definitely waterproof. It makes your eyes pop!

Do you wear makeup? What do you recommend? ttyl


  1. Such great post!:)
    I don't usually wear makeup but these products look amazing!:)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Thanks!
      They are...especially the Maybelline Nudes Palette.

      ~The Fashion Cheetah~

  2. Thanks for recommending some great makeup products!
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