Guest Post by Guinea Pig Lover

Hola chicas! So I asked the amazing Guinea Pig Lover to do a guest post review for me on her fabulous new boots. Over to her...

​Hey! This is Guinea Pig Lover from Lord's GirlsWhateves, and Following the Light! And Lydia asked me to do a review for her on her blog, so here I am! :) If you ever want to talk to me, my email is right HERE! So go ahead and check out my blogs, and/or email me! So on with the review!
I got boots last weekend from Payless, and I LOVE THEM! The brand/box is right here!

​Now for the boots! I am so sorry, my pictures are really bad! I assure you, the boots are way more cute in person! =D​

I was wearing some weird jeans-they were a cross between boot cut and skinny-and they didn't look to good with these boots.

Ugh, you can't see them very well. But those are the fronts. I'll show you more pictures that are hopefully better than these.(That white think in front of the right boot is the tag.)

There's a better picture! Except the lighting is still bad...

​Here is me modeling the boots from a far...Heehee!​

I know what you are thinking: Wowza! That's expensive! But I got them on sale for $35. Hurry now, and you can still get them on sale! And they are not only really cute, but they are also comfortable! I totally recommend them! XD We could be twins!

So I hope you liked my review! Thanks for having me Lydia! :)

-Guinea Pig Lover

Thanks so much Guinea Pig Lover! Those are adorable...I might have to get some too ;) ttyl


  1. Cute!
    I know this is random but you look super tall!

    1. LOL! I'd say I am tall, but I'm not sure I'd but the adjective "super" in front. Haha!

  2. Lovely post, dear. <3

    xx Nicole Rose

  3. Love, love, love, love! I'm getting a pair sort of like that, only they're black, from Bonton. ;) SO cute!

    PS-Lydia, you have a new follower!