Tell Me About You

Hola! Now that you know a bunch about me, I was thinking I should know about you...so how about filling out this survey for me pretty please in the comment section?

Name/Screen Name:
Fave Color:
Clothing Staple:
Fave Store:
Proudest Moment:
Most Embarrassing Moment (if you want to):
Fave Trend:
Most Hated Trend:

Thanks! ttyl


  1. Name/Screen Name: Nina
    Age: Can't say;)
    Fave Color: Blue gray
    Clothing Staple: plaid skirts
    Fave Store: American Girl;)
    Proudest Moment: When I played my recital song on the violin with my aunt at my recital
    Most Embarrassing Moment (if you want to): Long story, but basically, we do this ballroom unit at school for dance, and I tripped over my partner and we fell downXD
    Fave Trend: Owl sweaters:)
    Most Hated Trend: Sperry's:( Sorry, I just don't like them.

  2. Name/Screen Name: The Apprentice
    Age: 22
    Fave Color: Purple
    Clothing Staple: Jeans
    Fave Store: Bibles for Missions (thrift store)
    Proudest Moment: Finishing my final project in third year university
    Most Embarrassing Moment (if you want to): I tripped over someone's desk and knocked all their stuff off!
    Fave Trend: Boots
    Most Hated Trend: Wearing leggings or tights as pants

  3. Name/Screen Name: Jordan Sky
    Age: 14- I'll be 15 next month
    Fave Color: It switches back and forth between blue and green
    Clothing Staple: I mostly where skirts and tank-tops with cardigans over top.
    Fave Store: I enjoy looking at clothing in Forever 21.
    Proudest Moment: Speaking to an atheist girl I didn't know about God.
    Most Embarrassing Moment (if you want to): I don't know. Believe me, if I did, I would share.
    Fave Trend: Baggy sweatshirts and boots? I don't know ;P
    Most Hated Trend: Crop tops and booty shorts. I think they look sort of trashy.