My Current Makeup Favorites

Oh my goodness, it has been so long since I've posted! I'm so sorry! 
Today I thought I'd do a post about the makeup products I'm currently using. Let's get started, shall we? :)
I did a makeup post a while back, but since that I've gotten more products and started wearing more makeup, so I figured I should do a new post.

I use this CoverGirl foundation. It looks pretty natural, and it pretty much gives you flawless skin.

I use the matching CoverGirl powder on top :)

For eyeliner I use the Maybelline Master Duo if I want a bit more of a natural line...

...and I use Maybelline Master Kajaj if I want a really thick dramatic line.

This mascara is amazing...except for one thing; it goes everywhere! Like literally, I put it on and then one second later I look in a mirror and it's smudged all over my eyelid!

This one is pretty good...I tend to alternate between this one and Maybelline The Falsies.

Best concealer ever! It works to cover acne, scars, dark circles...everything!

If you've seen my last post you'll remember this eyeshadow palette. Yup, I'm still using it! I love all the colors in it :)

I use the third color (the pale one) on my browbone to cover up veins and little brow hairs.

I use this mascara most of the time. It's really amazing, but I'm still looking for the perfect mascara. If you have any suggestions let me know in the comments :)

Then sometimes I wear a Kate lipstick by Rimmel. They come in multiple colors and I love them :D

Hope you enjoyed this post! What's your favorite makeup product? ttyl

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  1. Wow! Those look good. I never wear any makeup, like nothing. Not even mascara or lip balm, but I've always loved the looks people create with their kits. It makes me envious.