Recent Fashion Finds

Hola chicas! I've been having a lot of great fashion finds lately, so here they are. I'm really sorry about the photos all being sideways or upside-down, I was using my mom's iPad and it just turned out like that.

First off we have this adorable Bluenotes sweater, which I got at a thrift shop for $5. The hood has bear ears, and the print on the pocket says "I'm Just a Bear Hug Waiting to Happen". It's a lovely coral color.

Next up is the stretchy, warm mint green sweater. I don't know what brand it is, as it doesn't have a tag, and I got at at the thrift store for $4. It has elbow-length sleeves.

I got this gorgeous Hollister sweater from the thrift store for $5, and I love it! The pea-green color really brings out the green in my eyes, and it's extremely warm.

I also got this Hollister shirt from the thrift store for $5. What can I say, I love thrift stores!

I got this adorable snake skin texture cranberry colored wallet for $4.

And I got this gorgeous (sadly upside-down) white sundress for $6.

The purse was $5, and it is the softest thing ever! It's very chic.

Then I found this Vida coat for $8!!! It's sooooo pretty and stylish!

This Forever 21 shirt was also a thrift store find and a steal at $6.

At another thrift store I found this cream-colored lace-edged shirt. It's lovely, and the cinching in the middle really perfects it.

Then last up I found this amazing purse for $10 at the thrift store. It's real leather and super chic! 

Hope you enjoyed my recent fashion finds! Also I'm working on a video haul of my Bluenotes order items but I am having issues uploading it so I will hopefully have that up as soon as possible. ttyl


  1. How wierd is it that your name is Lydia?! I never thought that would be your name! XD

    Very nice blog! :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Haha yeah! Twinsies! :)
      Thank you!

      ~The Fashion Cheetah~

  2. It might be the file format of the video. If you just shot it with a camera/phone/whatever you can use online tools to change the format. If you made it in something like Windows Movie Maker, you'll need to "export" your project file as a video. -The Apprentice

  3. I love seeing your fun finds!;) I should really check the thrift store more often;D

  4. Wow! I know where I'm headed on Saturday!