Recent Fashion Finds

Hola! Recently I've found some pretty awesome things, and I thought you might like to see...

Last night I found a pair of amazing condition Converse All Stars in a gorgeous coral color at a thrift shop for $10!

A neighbor passed on this stunning black v-neck long sleeve shirt! Apparently I look like I'm 17 in it. :P

I found this beautiful dress on the clearance rack at Aeropostale for $8!

And this lovely black belted maxi dress was found at Ardene for $15.

I found this purse at a thrift shop for $6 earlier today.

And on Sunday I got this leather jacket at Ardene for $40...a bit of a splurge but I needed a new fall coat.

And I saw this adorable cream colored bow at Ardene for $3.50 and couldn't pass it up!

I found this light blue Hollister tube top at a thrift store for $1!

And I found this awesome black Revlon "Knockout" nail polish at Shoppers Drugmart for $5.

(sorry this is upside down) I also found a black ruffled Hollister skirt at a thrift store for $3.

That's most of my recent finds...comment below telling me if you want Recent Fashion Finds to become a regular thing, and also tell me what post you want to see next, my shoe collection or my fashion must haves! TTYL

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